I’m the ‘Yoga Wifie’ more usually known as Fiona Clark. In Aberdeenshire, where I live and grew up, in the local dialect ‘wifie’ is simply a noun for woman. I’m a woman who teaches yoga – hence the ‘yoga wifie’.

I’m quite happy to be defined that way because I  believe yoga is a powerful tool to improve both the health of the mind and body.

Whether you are a keen runner who wants to stretch out tight muscles and prevent injury, a busy working Mum who wants to tone up and calm down or someone who simply wants to improve their balance and mobility, there is a type of yoga for you.

I’ve been practising yoga for over fifteen years.  For many of those years I’ve attended regular classes with the fantastic teacher Karina Stewart of Pink Lotus Yoga in Aberdeen. Karina never stops learning or working to make her classes engaging and beneficial. I hope I can do the same.

I qualified as a teacher with Yoga Scotland in 2013 and have since attended many workshops and courses to continue my education. These include: anatomy workshops at the University of Edinburgh and training with world-renowned teacher Tiffany Cruickshank, founder of Yoga Medicine.

If you want a one to one session or to find out more about the classes I run, please do give me a call or email via details on the contacts page.